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Masterclass: Building a game identity with Coach ID app

The present course will touch in several factors that determine the way we build the identity of a team. Using the methodology of the Coach ID app, we will show all the phases that precede the preparation for a game, from the analysis to the opponent, the weekly planning, the creation of specific competitive contexts (training exercises) and the control and evaluation of the process.


  • Understand the importance of knowing the context where the coach is working;
  • Define a set of tactical ideas (principles) that will support our training process
  • Hierarchize the distribution of training content throughout the week
  • Learn how to control your training load
  • Analyze team performance based on statistical elements

Date: September 18th

Credits: 0.4

Formação específica de futebol: Treinadores de grau I, II, III, IV

Price: FREE

Training language: Portuguese

The Masterclass will be in charge of the football coaches and creators of Coach ID João Rico and Acácio Santos.

Masterclass com Mário Enguídanos - El Juego de Ubicación

Masterclass with Mário Enguídanos - El Juego de Ubicación

More than positional play

This masterclass pretends to understand a differentiated approach to the process of preparing football teams. A methodology developed by professor Francisco Seirul-o at FC Barcelona and which has been embodied over the last few years in the way of play of great teams that seek to play supported football with great tactical content.

Date: July 31

CREDITS: 0.6 credits

Football training - treinadores de grau I, II, III, IV

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Missão da Coach ID Academy:

2019 marked the first edition of the Coach ID International Football Congress.

Organized by Coach ID - Team Sports Management, this annual congress aims to provide access to updated and exclusive content to football coaches and other elements of the technical staff.

In order to make it a reference event, we will always have national and international speakers, recognized for their experience and competence in the several areas of performance.




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