Coach ID Ebook

50 Contextualized Football Training Exercises

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Training exercises are the vehicle used by coaches to pass on their ideas to players. It is through the systematic repetition of training tasks, with well-
defined settings and purposes, that a team identity is acquired.

This Ebook is a summary of 50 exercises for the 3 phases of the session - Stimulation, Introduction and Implementation - proposed by Coach ID co-
founder and football coach João Daniel Rico.

We believe that almost all the exercises, although designed for a senior level, can easily be adapted to youth levels.

The exercises presented here are not intended to be a sort of a formula.

Rather, they are proposals for reflection on tasks that have already been applied in practice, in different contexts, and have demonstrated their

All exercises are supported by a theoretical basis of physiological and methodological nature.

All of them are configured from the Coach ID App exercise editor.

What you'll find in the Ebook:

  • How to dismantle the team game without losing its essence
  • 10 Phase 1 exercises (Stimulation)
  • 26 Phase 2 exercises (Behavior introduction)
  • 14 Phase 3 exercises (Implementation in game situation)
  • Considerations for introducing a new exercise
  • Framework of the exercises according to the phase of the game, the regime and the orientation

Are you looking to develop your exercises database?

Do you have doubts about which exercises to apply in each phase of the training and how to make them progress?

Get the Ebook now!



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