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After acquiring experience on the ground and structuring our ideas based on a very particular academic background, we felt the responsibility of our intervention in the field and we created COACH ID.

So many hours working to give life to our teams, understanding that in this way we would be in a closer position to winning, but always facing a limitation that could be solved by the technological path:

  • How to have the entire (own) game process organized in one place?
  • How to link the game principles to the exercises that support them?
  • How to control the impact of my process on the players, obtaining easy, quick and intuitive information?
  • How to plan my microcycle and keep all the preparation registered?

COACH ID solves all these problems and allows for much more!

JOÃO DANIEL RICO, FOOTBALL COACH and entrepreneur, conceived the idea and structure of COACH ID and made the bold decision to move forward.

ACÁCIO SANTOS, UEFA PRO COACH and SPORTTV commentator, believed in the project and realized the importance that my experience and my know-how could bring to the development of COACH ID.

Mates, putting in a software concept that could solve methodological needs was challenging and exciting. After all, we would be creating something that was designed to allow coaches to be better coaches!

We have the clear notion that, for the present and for what we have for the future, COACH ID will be a tool with great impact in improving the quality of the Football Coach's work!

CREATE YOUR IDENTITY and be closer to WIN!

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Contact Us
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