Masterclass with Mário Enguídanos - El Juego de Ubicación

More than positional play

This masterclass pretends to understand a differentiated approach to the process of preparing football teams. A methodology developed by professor Francisco Seirul-o at FC Barcelona and which has been embodied over the last few years in the way of play of great teams that seek to play supported football with great tactical content.

For this way of playing to be possible, it is necessary to fulfill several requirements and to know the characteristics of the “Juego de Ubicación”, a terminology that began to be applied in practice since the early times of one of the best teams in history: Barcelona of Pep Guardiola.
Mário Enguídanos, current Levante FC methodology coordinator, is an expert in this approach and will share this vision from a theoretical and practical point of view with all participants.


  • “Juego de ubicación” (A different view from the traditional position game);
  • Space-relational criteria and their practical application (distances, trajectories, directionality, rhythm);
  • Spaces of phase, time and their relationship with the emergence of advantages;
  • Importance of “intra-communication” and “inter-communication”
  • Concepts that shape football players;
  • "Juego de Ubicación" in practice;

Language: Spanish

Price: 15€

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